Kitchen and Bathroom Tiling

man putting kitchen tiles on the wall

At Top Tilers Central Coast, our tiling contractors are ready and waiting to take care of your bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles at a moment’s notice. These are two areas of the home that commonly house tiling installations, and getting a quality fitting can be the difference between an attractive and functional space that you enjoy spending time in, and a part of your home that you pretty much avoid. Our professionals are experienced and technically proficient at both designing and installing tiling displays, so you can expect to get a comprehensive service if you decide to choose our team. Reach out to us to book an appointment today, or read on below for more information if you’re still weighing things up.


Bathroom Tiling

Bathrooms often have a great deal of tiling in them and that should come as no surprise – after all, tiling is often installed partly as a defence against moisture, and you’ll no doubt have plenty of that in your bathroom. We can handle bathroom tiling installation across the walls and floor, and even the shower hob. While many people choose to go for white tiles in the bathroom, there are plenty of aesthetic options available to you which can look great. We can integrate the tiling into the structural design of the room, which certainly elevates the space up a level.


Kitchen Tiling

The tiling in your kitchen can make a huge different to the practical and visual value of the room, so you need to do your utmost to get an attractive installation. The most common area where you’ll see tiling in a kitchen is the splashback, the area that hugs the countertop surface which often goes higher up around the sink or the cooktop. We can design and install a plain installation for you, but we’re also more than capable of planning out a patterned or intricate display which is sure to wow visitors.


Material Choices

At Top Tilers Central Coast, we are happy to work with pretty much any tiling materials that you have in mind – as our professional contractors are experienced enough to deal with anything you throw at them. Ceramic and porcelain are typical material options, but there are plenty of other options out there, each with their own practical and aesthetic benefits. We can help you to pick a tiling option that suits your needs, or we can simply deal with the design and fitting of the installation if you’ve already made your choice.


Laundry Tiling

Another area of the home that often ends up with tiling on the walls or floor is the laundry room. Not to be forgotten, this room also tends to deal with a lot of moisture, and spillages of detergent are a potential hazard that could ruin a wooden floor, for example – so there’s plenty of cause to consider laundry tiling. If you think you might like your laundry room to have a tiled floor or tiling on the walls, then we’re the company to place your faith in.