Outdoor and Pool Tiling

clean and clear pool with tile floor

Top Tilers Central Coast is the premier provider of outdoor and pool tiling installations across the Central Coast, QLD area, and we’re confident that our tiling contractors will totally outclass any of the results produced by other tiling companies in the area. We enjoy beautiful weather throughout this region, so having your property’s exterior properly equipped to allow you to enjoy the sunshine and warmth is an absolute must in our books. Whether you’re looking for somebody to complete your pool tiling project or you’re searching for a team to complete a new hardscaping area, Top Tilers Central Coast is the business for you. Read on below for further information on our outdoor tiling provisions, or give our customer service professionals a ring for greater clarity.


Pool Tiling

Swimming pools are a wonderful aspect of any property – they’re a place for fun and relaxation, and they offer utility and value all year round. With that said, if you want to truly enjoy a swimming pool, you need the area around the pool to be functional and attractive too. High quality pool tiling is visually pleasing, but safety is actually the number one concern. It needs to be skid and slip resistant, and the installation needs to have a uniform surface that won’t allow for any trips. You’ll get all of that as a minimum if you place your trust in our team.



Pool Coping

The pool coping is the area that separates your swimming pool’s structural shell with the space immediately surrounding it – and this structural aspect of the area is as important as any other. Our pool coping tiles will do a great job at keeping water from infiltrating behind the shell, ensuring that it gets back into the drainage system that will eventually return it to the main body of the pool. This will prevent possible structural concerns later on, which can be a real nuisance and very expensive to take care.



Outdoor Tiling

The exterior of your property has a lot of potential, and installing hardscaping areas with high quality tiling is a first class way to bring greater utility and value to the property. We can use an array of different materials, and they’re all guaranteed to give you an attractive and practical space. We can handle installation processes for patios, walkways, pool decks, and more – and you’ll get the same top quality finish whatever you have us handle.


Practical Performance

All of the materials that we use for our outdoor tiling jobs will give you a range of practical qualities that are essential if you want your new hardscaping to last. Travertine, slate, limestone, granite, artisan stone – these are just a few of the options that you’ll have to think about when it comes to your outdoor tiling. We make sure that our outdoor tiling installations are all very durable and weather resistant, which means you won’t need to worry about them decaying or deteriorating for a long time – even considering the elemental pressures that they’ll undoubtedly face going forward.