Re-Grouting and Repair

man filling up the gap tiles

While many of the services available through Top Tilers Central Coast are concerned with tiling installation, we also offer a range of tile and grout repair services that ensure your installations will be well-protected going forward. Our tiling contractors know all the necessary information to keep your tiling looking as good as possible, something they’ve earned through years of experience in this industry. If your tiling or grout needs fixing up, then you need to place your trust in us over the other tiling companies in the Central Coast, QLD area. Read on for further information on our repair provisions, and exactly why we’re the optimal choice for any maintenance needs you could possibly have.


Wall Protection

When your grouting suffers from decay and deterioration, you need to act immediately to prevent major problems later down the line. You might think that when grout breaks up, it just looks a bit unkempt but basically isn’t a big deal – but that’s not the case whatsoever. The truth is that when the grout falls apart, water can gain access to the wall and siding behind, and if enough infiltration takes place, serious structural problems could occur sooner or later. The longer you leave your grout in this condition, the more likely it is that damage will take place. Re-grouting is a small price to pay compared with having to remove damp and mould from the walls, which means a total retiling process afterwards too.  


Fresh Looks

Re-grouting your tiling installation gives a range of practical benefits that help to keep your home’s interior protected in the long run, but another obvious bonus is the renewed visual appeal it’ll give the space. Grotty grouting is really unattractive, as it makes the whole area look unclean and poorly maintained. By re-grouting, you’re ensuring that the tiling installation looks as good as it possibly can. You’ve likely spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the fitting, so make sure that you get the most from it.


Tile Replacement

If a tile of yours has suffered from a crack or has shattered, then you’ll have no choice but to replace the it. It’s usually a smart idea to keep a few spare tiles stored at your property when you carry out the initial tile installation, as that means that you’re prepared if the worst does happen. We can effortlessly replace the offending tile to give a totally seamless, uniform look to the area.


Property Coverage

We handle tile replacement and re-grouting services across all the different areas of your property – both inside and out. We expect that any tiling installations that we fit will last for a long time without deteriorating, but accidents do happen, and when something goes wrong we’ll be there to help you. Whether you’ve suffered damage to your bathroom or kitchen tiles, or your exterior tiling has gotten cracked, we’ll be able to assist you. Just get on the phone to us, and we’ll deliver our affordable and efficient repair service at your convenience.