Wall and Floor Tiling

man installing and putting wall tiles

The professional tiling contractors that you’ll gain access to with Top Tilers Central Coast are some of the best in the business, and we’re confident they’ll manage to outperform any service providers available through the other tiling companies in the Central Coast, QLD area – which is why you absolutely must trust them to handle all of your floor and wall tiling needs. The floor and walls obviously have a major impact on the aesthetic and functionality of any room, and making the choice to go with tiling is almost always a prudent course of action. We’re ready to provide you with the expertise to get you a better property, all you have to do is take the first step and give us a call. Alternatively, there’s more information on this page for you to peruse.

Renovation Experts

At our company, we’re experienced at handling tiling installations on floors and walls as part of a wider renovation project – either in a specific room or across an entire property. If you’re carrying out kitchen or bathroom renovations, or you’re doing a total home makeover, then we’re able to manage the tiling aspects of the work across the totality of your property. We’ll do the work to a very high standard, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to hire our team.


Total Coverage

Many people are choosing to get tiling installed on both the walls and the floor in some of their rooms – although the most common area for this is certainly the bathroom – and this gives a set of benefits that is hard to beat. For one, it exudes class, luxury, and taste – it’s an aesthetic that really is of the highest standard. But, perhaps even more important than that, it gives you a comprehensive moisture barrier in the room which reduces the chance of water damage in the future. This can also make the cleaning and maintenance processes in your home a total breeze.


Practical Qualities

Floor tiling offers a range of practical qualities that allow it to outperform other flooring options – regardless of the area of your property you’re thinking of having it installed. They tend to be very durable and hard-wearing, which means that even after years of use and foot traffic, they won’t deteriorate. Floor tiling is also very easy to clean, with simple sweeping and mopping usually enough to clear up any mess – and there’s pretty much no chance of staining with any high quality tile, something that’s certainly not true of wood or carpet flooring. If a tile does get damaged, it tends to be easily replaced or repaired too.


Picking Your Tiles

Whether you decide to invest in wall or floor tiles, there is a range of options to consider. A porcelain, ceramic, or stone installation is guaranteed to give your space a brilliant aesthetic, and each of those options retains the practical qualities you’d expect with tiling. Naturally, what you choose ultimately comes down to taste, and we can help you weigh up the pros and cons of each option for your specific circumstances.